User flows

User flows

This is the drawing board phase of the app - creating storyboards and outlines to define the overall app experience. Paper wireframes are used to sketch various possible scenarious that the user may have to interact with while using the app. Optimum entry points are defined for various functionality and features of your app.

The success of your app is mainly dependent on how easy or hard you make it for the user to access and interact different features of your app. Designing an experience with your target audience and business goals in mind is vital.

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Optimizing goals and schedule

User flows

If you are in the initial phase of building the app, it would also make sense to define the underlying technology stack wisely. Does using a certain technology accelerate the time-to-market or make it economic to maintain the app in the long run? These are good discussions to have if you’re yet to kick start the app development.

Planning roadmaps, sprints and iterations of your mobile app to release new features, enhancements and fixes incrementally. Sometimes it makes sense to club certain functionality in a release, while other times it is wise to ship them individually. From our past experience, many startups end up over engineering their first version of the app only to find out later when the app is released on the app store that the end user is confused about the features of the app.

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App audits

App UX and Technical Audit

App audit is a (timed) activity during which experts (in product strategy, design and development) do a thorough analysis of your app. This analysis is then used to make educated guesses (based on facts, research and data) and recommendations to optimize or tweak your app experience. This would help you identify positives and negatives of your app for a potential end-user.

App audits can be as elaborate as couple of days where each aspect of the app is carefully examined and deeply thought through with the input from various stakeholders. Express app audits usually take about couple of hours where the idea is to come up with an actionable checklist which can incrementally improve the focus areas. The focus areas could be a single feature in the app, the overall app engagement, etc.

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