Prototyping Mobile App Ideas

Our rapid prototyping skills make your journey from concept to product more interesting. Challenges like 'Can you folks make this happen on a device?' drive us!

Concept development

Concept development

This is probably the most challenging and creative phase of a mobile app product. Concept development for an app involves clearly defining the problem statement that the app is trying to solve, brainstorming on different creative solutions, research on existing solutions / competition, evaluating feasibility of new ideas and sketching out a rough app interface.

The ultimate aim of this activity is to clearly define a value proposition that your app would offer.

Feature updates


Behind every successful app there is a well researched and thought out user flow. Wireframes are structural blueprints of content that your app would present to the user. The purpose of this activity is to make sure that app focuses on the most valued things instead of hovering around other aspects. Spending enough time on wireframes can save you lot of time and money in the long run.

We start by paper sketching, laying out the basic building blocks of every screen of the app. With this visual tangible representation of screens there's a lot of scope to iterate and optimize the interface of your app.Once you are happy with the look and feel of the layouts we prepare high fidelity digital wireframes for your app.

Digital prototypes

Digital prototypes

Prototyping becomes really important for new concepts for apps or even new features to be added to an existing app. Prototyping not only gives a form to your idea, but allows you to get feedback from others on your idea. It also provide a great opportunity to possibly solve any problems during the prototyping stage itself rather than discovering them in the development stage when it might not be easy to fix them.

We can help you with functional and non-functional digital prototypes. We can also help you with the tools and tech - be it integrating measurable analytics or actually distributing your prototypes - needed for carrying out alpha and beta tests for your app.

We've build prototypes and MVPs for many customers before actually developing their full blown app, in fact we build prototypes for validating our ideas as well - so we know what you need here!

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